Fixed Waterproof Cantilever

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Whether it is poolside or lakeside luxury you are after, you will want to look into our Fixed Waterproof Cantilever.

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Type: Waterproof Type: Umbrella Shape: Square Shape: Hexagon Entry Heights: 8' Entry Heights: 10' Entry Height Glide Elbow Wind Rating: 90 mph
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For a host of different settings, the outdoor waterproof cantilever umbrella is a great choice. Are you looking for the perfect shade structure to cover lounge areas near your pool? Want a better way to create outdoor shade near your community lake? When you need waterfront shade that is conducive to mingling, foot traffic or lounging, this shade structure is a great option. Our fixed cantilever shade offers open, unobstructed access underneath its canopy thanks to a rear-located column, making it ideal for aquatic environments. Erect the umbrella column off to the side, past a fence or otherwise out of the way, and enjoy free, open shade for lounging, mingling or swimming. The fabric has been specially designed to withstand wind loads up to 93 miles per hour, and it comes in a variety of colors to suit your location and needs. Likewise, take your pick of frame colors to suit your tastes! Consider some of the biggest benefits that come from the fixed cantilever umbrella. This waterproof outdoor umbrella features a heat-sealed membrane canopy that makes it fully waterproof, as opposed to our traditional shade cloth. It’s available in either Ferrari 502 Satin, or in Ferrari STAM 6002L fabric for a more textured finish. These umbrellas are ideal for any commercial application, from hotel pools to resort waterparks to community parks. Adding further to its value, the Fixed Waterproof Cantilever combines our GlideElbow convenience with waterproof fabric maximizing usability and features to create an umbrella unlike any other. Learn more about the specifics of this waterproof sun shade below, or get in touch with us to place an order. Whether you are interested in a hexagonal or square model, we are here to help you.

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