Seabrook Island Resort Case Study

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Seabrook Island is a private oceanfront community located a few miles from historic Charleston, S.C. This community consists of residential homes, golf courses, and beach club surrounded by a coastal barrier, maritime forest, marshes, and pristine beaches.

Being an ocean-side community in the South, Seabrook gets plenty of sunshine and warm weather throughout the year.

“One of the top complaints we heard from our members was the lack of shade in our pool area and our beach area,” Caleb Elledge, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of Seabrook said.

In addition to relief from the heat, another reason they wanted shade was to help protect against harmful UV rays.

“People are much more conscious of the negative effects of the sun, but they still want to enjoy the outdoors at the same time,” Elledge said. Seabrook Island was in search of shade that could cover a large, expansive area that was also aesthetically pleasing.