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Covering your cars is easier and more stylish than ever thanks to the high-quality, durable shade structures offered by Superior Shade! Protect your vehicles from spring thunderstorms, summer sun, and winter snowfall through your choice of strong automotive shades, whether you pick a cantilever car canopy or our standard Wavecrest model. Each canopy is made to provide maximum coverage in your choice of styles. Select the fabric color to match your location and the exact model to match your needs!

Parking Lot Shade Structures

Our automotive shade structures include both cantilever and Wavecrest options. The cantilever shades provide high levels of shade protection without columns that obstruct parking space. Supported on just one side, each carport canopy works well in settings like covered parking lots, car dealerships and more. The standard Wavecrest offers an attractive shape that adds aesthetic and functional value; like the cantilever structures, it also is a great option for car parking situations. But no matter which structure you select, you can always take your pick of fabric colors, steel color options and accessories like an electrical access panel and glide elbows! That’s because we’re committed to giving you the right car canopy structure for your needs — whatever your location.

Backed by decades of experience in the outdoor shade industry, Superior Shade is proud to provide beautiful shade structures and car canopies in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles. From covers for playgrounds to covers for picnic areas, we have the designs you’re seeking. So when you’re looking for just the right shade canopy for your location, come to us! Our extensive catalog includes protective structures of all kinds, able to shield you from UV rays as well as inclement weather. Contact us today to learn more!


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