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Children of all ages love spending time on the playground — but hours in the sun’s harsh UV rays can cause real damage to a child’s tender skin. Beyond sunscreen and the protection of clothing, how can you keep children safe from sun damage while they play outside? Consider playground shade structures from Superior! Our catalog of playground shade options gives you everything you need to cover and shade your environment. Whether it’s a school shade for students at an elementary school, a religious organization, or a local park, one of our playground sails can be just the ticket for shielding children from sun damage as they play. Check out our catalog to learn more about what we offer, or get in touch with one of our Certified Partners!

Leading Structures for Playground Shade

SRP Shade offers some of the finest playground shading structures on the market, from large rectangular shades to small modular crescent shades. Plus, all of our products are fully customizable to your taste and needs, so whether you’re looking for something specific or aren’t sure exactly what you want, we have a huge variety of options that enable you to get what you need. Implement a large sail shade for your school playground to give students shade when they need it, or cover your entire play area to enhance sun protection. You can also choose your fabric colors, steel post colors, sizes, shapes and more, in order to truly customize the umbrella or sail shade to your site.

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