School and Child Care Shade Projects

School and childcare facilities can benefit from shade structures far beyond just the playground. Consider adding shade to your drop-off and pick-up areas, outdoor classrooms, and more. 

Ideas for Shade Structures for Schools and Child Care Facilities

Schools can greatly benefit from the addition of commercial shade structures in various areas to create comfortable and safe spaces for students, teachers, and staff. Here are some areas where shade structures can be added in a school:

  1. Playground and Outdoor Recreation Areas: Install shade structures over playgrounds, play equipment, and seating areas to provide shade for children during recess and outdoor activities.

  2. Cafeteria and Outdoor Dining Areas: Create shaded areas for outdoor dining spaces where students can eat their meals comfortably while being protected from direct sunlight.

  3. Drop-off and Pick-up Zones: Add shade structures in designated drop-off and pick-up areas to provide protection from the sun for students and parents during arrival and dismissal times.

  4. Bus Stops: Install shade structures at bus stops on the school premises to protect students while they wait for transportation.

  5. Sports Fields and Bleachers: Place shade structures near sports fields, stadiums, or bleachers to provide shade for athletes, spectators, and coaches during practices, games, and events.

  6. Outdoor Classrooms: Create shaded outdoor learning spaces by adding shade structures to facilitate outdoor classes or study areas, providing students with a comfortable and engaging learning environment.

  7. Walkways and Pathways: Install shade structures along school walkways and pathways to provide shade for students moving between buildings or outdoor areas.

  8. Courtyards and Gathering Spaces: Enhance the school's courtyards or other gathering areas with shade structures, allowing students and staff to enjoy shaded spaces for socializing, studying, or group activities.

  9. Entrance and Reception Areas: Add shade structures to the entrance or reception areas of the school to provide shade for visitors, parents, and staff during outdoor events or meetings.

  10. Outdoor Physical Education Areas: Create shaded spaces in outdoor physical education areas to allow students to engage in activities while staying protected from the sun.

When selecting shade structures for a school, it's essential to consider safety, durability, and the specific needs of the school community. Additionally, ensure that the design and placement of shade structures align with the school's architectural style and overall aesthetic.

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