Hospitality Shade Projects

Picture your guests sitting under one of our commercial outdoor shade structures. Not only are our resort shade structures stylish, but they are also designed to withstand high winds and provide excellent protection from the sun allowing your guests to fully enjoy your outdoor pool or gathering area.

Create Comfortable Outdoor Spaces

At a resort, there are several areas where you can add commercial shade structures to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of guests. Here are some common areas where shade structures are often implemented:

  1. Poolside: Install shade structures near the pool area to provide guests with a shaded space to relax, sunbathe, or enjoy refreshments without direct exposure to the sun.

  2. Beachfront: If your resort has a private beach, consider adding shade structures along the shoreline to offer guests a shaded retreat from the sun while they enjoy the beach and ocean views.

  3. Outdoor Dining Areas: Create shaded spaces for outdoor restaurants, cafes, or bars. Installing shade structures over dining tables or seating areas will protect guests from direct sunlight during meal times or while enjoying a drink outdoors.

  4. Courtyards and Gardens: Enhance the beauty of your resort's courtyards and gardens by incorporating shade structures. These structures can provide shaded seating areas for relaxation and enjoyment of the surrounding greenery.

  5. Recreation Areas: If your resort offers recreational facilities such as tennis courts, basketball courts, or playgrounds, consider installing shade structures nearby. This will allow guests to take breaks and rest in shaded areas during their activities.

  6. Spa and Wellness Centers: Shade structures can be incorporated into spa and wellness areas, providing guests with shaded relaxation spaces, outdoor treatment rooms, or shaded seating areas to unwind before or after spa services.

  7. Outdoor Event Spaces: If your resort hosts weddings, parties, or other events, consider adding temporary or permanent shade structures in outdoor event spaces. This will provide comfort to guests during outdoor ceremonies, receptions, or gatherings.

  8. Walkways and Pathways: Install shade structures along walkways or pathways within your resort grounds. This can provide guests with shelter from the sun while they move between different areas of the resort.

  9. Sports Facilities: If your resort offers sports facilities like golf courses, soccer fields, or volleyball courts, consider adding shade structures near spectator areas or rest spots for players to cool down.

Remember, when adding shade structures to your resort, it's essential to consider the overall aesthetic, functionality, and durability of the structures to ensure they align with your resort's style and withstand the elements.

If you need a more custom solution, our talented team of engineers and designers can create the custom shade you're looking for.

Need some help getting started?

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