Multi-Housing & Community Shade Projects

Create comfortable outdoor gathering spaces in your community with Superior Shade. We offer creative solutions and unique shade designs for nearly every application. From shading pools and playgrounds to community spaces and parking areas, we can help shade your outdoor spaces.

Shading Your Community's Amenities

In a housing community, there are various areas where commercial shade structures can be added to improve the overall comfort and functionality for residents. Here are some common areas where shade structures can be implemented:

  1. Playgrounds: Install shade structures over playground equipment and seating areas in your community play area. This provides shade for children while they play and for parents or caregivers supervising them.

  2. Picnic Areas: Enhance outdoor picnic areas with shade structures to provide residents with shaded spaces for outdoor gatherings, barbecues, and picnics.

  3. Pool and Recreation Areas: Add shade structures near community pools, splash pads, or other recreational facilities. This allows residents to enjoy these amenities while staying protected from the sun.

  4. Sports Courts: Install shade structures near sports courts, such as basketball or tennis courts. This provides shade for players and spectators during games or practice sessions.

  5. Walking and Jogging Paths: Place shade structures along walking or jogging paths within the housing community. This offers residents a shaded area for exercise or leisurely walks.

  6. Outdoor Fitness Stations: If your housing community has outdoor fitness stations or workout areas, consider adding shade structures to protect residents from direct sunlight while they exercise.

  7. Dog Parks: Enhance the comfort of dog owners visiting the community dog park by installing shade structures. This allows both dogs and their owners to have a shaded space to relax and socialize.

  8. Community Gardens: Provide shade structures in community garden areas to protect gardeners from the sun while they tend to their plants and enjoy the garden ambiance.

  9. Bus Stops and Waiting Areas: Install shade structures at community bus stops and waiting areas to offer residents protection from the sun while they wait for transportation.

  10. Community Centers: If your housing community has a community center or clubhouse with outdoor seating areas, consider adding shade structures to provide residents with shaded spaces for relaxation or community events.

When choosing and installing shade structures in a housing community, it's important to consider the overall design aesthetic, durability, and functionality of the structures to ensure they meet the needs of residents and blend well with the community's overall look and feel.

Need some help getting started?

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