Playground Shade Structures

We offer a variety of integrated playground shade structures. These shade structures are fitted to your existing playground equipment. Reach out to us today to see if your playground equipment is compatible.

Integrated Playground Shade Structures

One of the most affordable canopy styles, the modular, or integrated, playground shade is a great option for incorporating shade directly into a new or existing playground structure. These are great in that they don’t require engineering or permitting and are considerably less expensive to install as they do not require a footing. Their greatest limiting factor is the size of the shade as they max out at around 14 square feet.

Freestanding Playground Shade Structures

Any of our standard shade structures can be used for a playground. Which structure to choose depends on what you are trying to shade on the playground. If you are looking to shade a playground structure, choose one of our hip or sail shades. If you’d like to shade smaller areas on the playground like a music garden or bench, opt for an umbrella shade.

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