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Whether they’re at a college baseball field or a team’s soccer field, grandstands are much more comfortable and enjoyable when they’ve got a sports shade canopy above them. Perfect for blocking UV rays, the outdoor bleacher shades we offer at Superior Shade come in a large variety of shapes and sizes for your sports facility's needs. Explore the possibilities of shade canopies for your facility — from our catalog of outdoor shade equipment to a variety of custom outdoor shade structures — to find the right solution. What’s more, on this page, you can view examples of sports shades we’ve designed and installed for our clients. 

Shade Sails, Sports Shade Canopies, Cantilevers & Umbrellas

As part of our commitment to provide sports shade solutions for many locations, we’re pleased to offer a full catalog of shade canopies that includes hips, sails, cantilevers, umbrellas, and other custom shade structures. We have hip shades in square, rectangular, and hexagonal shapes; bleacher shade sails in various sizes, colors and styles; cantilever umbrellas supported by side columns; and outdoor umbrellas with weather-resistant fabric that can withstand wind up to 93 miles per hour. If none of these options meet your needs, we also design custom shade structures in order to give you just the right sport shade or bleacher canopy for keeping parents and spectators cool as they watch athletes in action. From baseball, softball, and golf to tennis courts, we can shade any type of sports facility.

Are you ready to find the right sports shade structure for your facility? Interested in adding UV protection and style to your bleachers or dugout on your university campus? For more inspiration, check out our Sport Facilities Inspiration Market Brochure where you can read about different ideas for your sport facility, learn about your shade budget, and see inspiring environment designs. Download this brochure using the button below.

About Superior Shade

Superior Shade is your resource for top-quality standard and custom shade structures. For university sports fields, bleachers, and college stadiums as well as parks, pools, cafes, and other locations, we create weather- and wind-resistant shades that add sun protection and aesthetic value wherever they’re placed. Whether it’s a cantilever shade structure over a set of bleachers or a portable, retractable umbrella over a seating area, our shade structures are the perfect finishing touches to complete your sports facilities or sites.

Explore some our sports installation brochure, or contact us today to learn more using the form below!

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