Parks & Recreation Shade Projects

Nobody has to tell you that parks are vital building blocks of communities, ideal for enhancing green space, encouraging exercise, and creating safe places for kids and adults to gather and play. At Superior Shade, we create shade structures to enhance these outdoor areas, cooling and shading patrons as they share meals, get on swings, play with siblings, and more. Shade structures are more than nice amenities — they’re site improvement necessities for protecting people’s skin and creating comfortable and cool spaces.

Top Places at Your Park for Shade

Commercial shade structures can greatly enhance the functionality and enjoyment of parks for visitors. Here are some areas where shade structures can be added in a park:

  1. Picnic Areas: Install shade structures over picnic tables and seating areas to provide visitors with shaded spots for outdoor dining, gatherings, and relaxation.

  2. Playgrounds: Add shade structures over play equipment and seating areas within the playground. This protects children from direct sunlight and allows parents or caregivers to supervise comfortably.

  3. Park Benches: Place shade structures over park benches, providing shaded seating areas throughout the park for visitors to rest and enjoy the surroundings.

  4. Sports Fields and Bleachers: Install shade structures near sports fields, stadiums, or bleachers to offer shade for athletes, spectators, and coaches during games, practices, and events.

  5. Fitness Zones: Create shaded areas near outdoor fitness equipment or exercise stations. This allows individuals to exercise comfortably while staying protected from the sun.

  6. Dog Parks: Provide shade structures in dog parks to offer both dogs and their owners a shaded space to rest and socialize.

  7. Outdoor Amphitheaters: Enhance outdoor amphitheaters with shade structures to provide shade for performers, audience members, and event organizers during concerts, performances, or community gatherings.

  8. Park Entrances and Information Centers: Install shade structures at park entrances or near information centers to offer shade for visitors while they gather information, plan their activities, or wait for tours.

  9. Nature Trails and Observation Points: Place shade structures along nature trails or near observation points to provide visitors with shaded areas to rest and enjoy the scenery.

  10. Water Features and Splash Pads: Add shade structures near water features and splash pads to offer shaded areas where visitors can relax and cool down.

When considering shade structures for a park, it's important to select designs that blend with the park's aesthetic, prioritize safety and durability, and ensure that they do not obstruct the natural flow of the park's layout.

Park Canopies to Complete Your Open Spaces

Enjoy a full range of benefits at your outdoor park or community center by adding a beautiful park canopy or shade structure to your site. Superior Shade offers attractive, weather-resistant, durable shades that are perfect for playgrounds, water parks, community centers, and other settings. Plus, because our park and recreation structures are fully customizable, it’s easier than ever to develop the right shade structure for your needs. Take your pick of style, size, color, and add-on options, whether that means a large, architecturally pleasing canopy for your location or a smaller shade sail for just your picnic table area.

Shade for Your Site Furnishings

Not only does shade reward your guests with a comfortable space to relax out of the sun's UV rays, but a protective canopy can also help to keep your site's outdoor amenities in top condition for years. Site furnishings such as picnic tables, benches for seating, and waste receptacles can all benefit. With a shade canopy, the surfaces of these products will hold up much longer. While it's true that everything out in the open air oxidizes over time, keeping the sun at bay fights half the battle for you. Superior Shade uses fabric that offers a PTFE fiber thread for strength with a very low shrinkage rate. 

Need some help getting started?

Your local Superior Shade representative is here to help. They’ll work with you from initial consultation to final installation to get your space feeling and looking cool.