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Park Shade Structures

Nobody has to tell you that parks are vital building blocks of communities, ideal for enhancing green space, encouraging exercise and creating safe places for kids and adults to gather and play. At Superior Shade, we create park shade structures to enhance these outdoor areas, cooling and shading patrons as they share meals, get on swings and more! Because UV rays are serious threats to park-goers, with nearly five million people undergoing treatment for skin cancer each year, shade structures are more than nice amenities — they’re necessities for protecting people’s skin and creating comfortable shaded spaces. Add our structures to your site to help protect guests from the nearly 90 percent of nonmelanoma skin cancers caused by overexposure to the sun’s UV rays!

Park Shade Structures to Complete Your Park Settings

Enjoy a full range of benefits at your outdoor park or community center by adding a beautiful park canopy or shade structure to your site! Superior Shade offers attractive, weather-resistant, durable shade structures that are perfect for playgrounds, water parks, community centers and other settings. Plus, because our structures are fully customizable, it’s easier than ever to develop the right shade structure for your needs. Take your pick of style, size, color and add-on options, whether that means a large, architecturally pleasing shade for your school park or a smaller shade sail for your picnic tables. At Superior Shade, we have it all! Browse our online catalog to learn more.

For more inspiration, check out our Parks and Recreation Inspiration Market Brochure where you can read why parks are important to communities, learn about your playground, shade and shelter budgets, and see inspiring play environment designs. To download this brochure use the link below.


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