Custom Shade Structures

In addition to our standard shades, we offer the ability to create custom designed shade structures. With our turn-key services, we’ll work with you from initial design to installation.

Top Reasons to Buy a Custom Shade

A custom shade isn’t necessary for everyone. In some cases, though, a custom shade is the only way to go.

If you’re shading an oddly shaped area, like over a large swimming pool, a standard shade structure just might not fit. With a custom shade, you’ll have the flexibility to design around your site’s limitations.

If you’re shading a very large area, like grandstands, a standard shade structure just won’t do. With a custom shade, you’ll have the flexibility to design something large enough to shade your space.

We’ve worked with landscape architects to bring their sketches to life. Your imagination is the limitation when it comes to a custom shade.

Perhaps one of our standard designs is perfect. However, you need it slightly taller or longer. You can work with us to design a modified standard shade to fit your needs.

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Custom Shade Solutions for Any Location

Whether you want to add shade and style to a playground at a neighborhood park or create a show stopping piece for your municipality or hotel, Superior Shade has just the right custom shades and shade sails for you. Not only do we offer a wide catalog of standard shades in various styles and sizes, but we can also create custom canopies, canopy tents, and other shade structures that are specially catered to the needs of your environment. We can start completely from scratch or pick a standard design to begin modifying. Show us your ideas for a custom canopy and let us help you make those ideas a reality.

Customizing Standard Shades

Finding the right shade structures for your resort, park, or downtown event space is easier than ever when you come to Superior Shade. That’s because our large catalog of products includes hip shades, shade sails, cantilevers, umbrellas, and more — all of which are fully customizable in terms of fabric colors, steel colors, styles, sizes, and shapes. When you contact our team about purchasing a shade structure, a sales representative will be happy to help you determine which styles and options are best for you. Together, we’ll also determine if you need to add accessories like our Glide Elbow ™ or electrical access panels.

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