Hip End Shade Structures

Hip shade structures, or dome shade structures, are the most simple and cost-effective shade structures. These commercial shades will provide protection for nearly anything – from playgrounds to picnic areas.

Hip End Shades are Versatile

With a variety of design options, you can tailor a hip end shade to cover almost anything.

From shading one picnic table to shading a whole grandstand, we’ve done it all with a hip end shade. We offer a variety of standard and custom sizes. What’s more, you can link hip end canopies to create a custom length.

We offer standard 8’, 10’, and 12’ entry heights. You can also choose a custom entry height for shading things like tall playgrounds. With the option of multiple shade heights, you’re not limited to what you are providing shade for.

Our Glide Elbow™ fabric release mechanism allows you to not only install but remove and tension your shade’s fabric faster. Should you need to remove your fabric for hurricanes or heavy snow, you’ll have the ability to do so fast. What’s more, our frames are rated for 150 mph wind gusts when the shade’s fabric is removed.

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