Pool and Aquatic Shade Projects

Add style and sun protection to your outdoor pool or aquatic center with a pool shade from Superior Shade. We offer the highest quality shade sails, umbrella shades, and other swimming pool shade structures that work beautifully alongside a lounge area, beside a swimming pool, over a water park’s playground or splash pad, and more. Not only are our products sleek and stylish, but they can be fully customized — take your pick of colors, shapes, styles, and more. Plus, when you add shade to your outdoor pool or aquatic center, you add sun protection and shade to ensure your guests can stay outside in the hot sun longer.

Top Five Reasons to Include a Commercial Shade Structure at a Pool or Water Park

  1. Sun Protection: The primary reason to include a commercial shade structure at a pool or water park is to provide adequate sun protection for visitors. Shade structures such as canopies, umbrellas, or covered areas help shield individuals from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn, skin damage, and long-term health concerns. By offering shaded areas, you create a safer and more comfortable environment for guests to enjoy the facilities while minimizing the potential for sun-related issues.

  2. Enhanced Comfort: Intense heat and direct sunlight can make it uncomfortable for people to spend extended periods of time outdoors. Incorporating shade structures allows visitors to seek relief from the sun's rays, offering a more pleasant experience at the pool or water park. Shade structures create cooler areas, providing a respite from the heat and allowing individuals to relax, socialize, and enjoy their time without feeling overheated or fatigued.

  3. Extended Usage Hours: By installing commercial shade structures, you can extend the operating hours of your pool or water park. Many visitors may be discouraged from using the facilities during the hottest parts of the day due to the intense sunlight. However, with adequate shade options, guests can feel more comfortable and confident about visiting at any time, including peak sun hours. This can lead to increased attendance, longer stays, and greater revenue generation for the establishment.

  4. Protection of Amenities: Shade structures not only benefit visitors but also help protect other amenities within the pool or water park. Sunlight and UV rays can cause significant damage to features such as water slides, splash pads, seating areas, and equipment over time. By implementing shade structures strategically, you can shield these assets from excessive sun exposure, ultimately prolonging their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

  5. Aesthetically Pleasing Environment: Commercial shade structures can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your pool or water park. They provide an opportunity to add architectural elements, vibrant colors, and interesting designs that complement the surroundings. A well-designed and visually appealing shade structure can contribute to the overall ambiance of the facility, creating an inviting and attractive space for visitors to enjoy while also serving its functional purpose.

Waterfront Shade Protection with Style

Our swimming pool shades are specially designed to be as functional as they are attractive, whether placed above sand volleyball courts, a pool cafe, poolside chairs, or somewhere else. Each shade structure offers strong wind protection, multiple fabric color options, steel post color options, and even extra accessories like an electrical access panel and fabric release mechanism. Get in touch with one of our representatives to receive personalized help picking just the right recreational structure(s) for your location, whether that means a hip shade, shade sail, cantilever shade, commercial-grade umbrella, or customized shade solution specially designed for your pool or water park.

Need some help getting started?

Your local Superior Shade representative is here to help. They’ll work with you from initial consultation to final installation to get your space feeling and looking cool.