Zoo & Aquarium Shade Projects

Nobody has to tell you that zoos draw a lot of business during the summer — but unfortunately, this hot and sunny season is also when the sun’s harshest rays are at work. How can you protect patrons and animals without changing the appeal of your zoo? The answer is zoo shade structures. Superior Shade provides a wide range of high-quality, wind-resistant, attractive zoo shades that can help cool and beautify your outdoor spaces. What’s more, because of recent changes to zoo accreditation standards, upgrading and adding shade to animal living areas is actually a necessity. With that in mind, let our team provide you with the ideal zoo shade structures to suit your facility — giving your guests and your animals an even better experience.

Best Areas for Shade at Your Zoo

Commercial shade structures can be strategically placed in zoos to provide shade and comfort for visitors and animals alike. Here are some areas where shade structures can be added in a zoo:

  1. Viewing Areas: Install shade structures in viewing areas for popular animal exhibits. This allows visitors to observe the animals comfortably without being exposed to direct sunlight.

  2. Rest Areas and Seating: Place shade structures in designated rest areas and seating areas throughout the zoo. This provides visitors with shaded spaces to rest, relax, and enjoy the surroundings.

  3. Picnic Areas: Create shaded picnic areas where visitors can enjoy their meals or snacks while taking a break from exploring the zoo.

  4. Outdoor Dining Spaces: Install shade structures over outdoor dining spaces, such as cafes or food courts within the zoo. This allows visitors to enjoy their meals in shaded comfort.

  5. Animal Enclosures: Incorporate shade structures within animal enclosures to provide shade and protection for the animals. This is particularly important for species that are sensitive to direct sunlight.

  6. Walkways and Pathways: Place shade structures along walkways and pathways to provide visitors with shaded areas as they navigate through the zoo.

  7. Amphitheaters and Show Areas: Add shade structures in amphitheaters or show areas where animal demonstrations or educational presentations take place. This ensures that both the audience and the animals are protected from the sun.

  8. Children's Play Areas: Install shade structures over children's play areas to provide shaded spots for young visitors to play and explore.

  9. Petting Zoos and Animal Encounter Areas: Incorporate shade structures in petting zoos or areas where visitors can interact with animals. This allows visitors to enjoy these experiences comfortably while protecting the animals from excessive sunlight.

  10. Queue Lines: Place shade structures in queue lines for popular attractions or exhibits, providing visitors with shade as they wait for their turn.

When selecting shade structures for a zoo, it's important to consider the safety and well-being of both visitors and animals. The structures should be durable, weather-resistant, and designed to integrate harmoniously with the zoo's environment and theme.

Superior Zoo Shade Solutions Catered to You

Whether it’s to suspend over a play area, a seating area, or part of an animal exhibit, the zoo shades we provide at Superior Shade are great additions to any zoo environment. Each zoo shade we offer is fully customizable to your individual exhibits. Plus when you work with us, one of our Certified Partners will be happy to help you consider available options and select just the right structures to suit your zoo. While you may look for shade structures to cool animals and guests, you’ll be pleased to learn how much style and value our products can add in terms of aesthetics, too.

Need some help getting started?

Your local Superior Shade representative is here to help. They’ll work with you from initial consultation to final installation to get your space feeling and looking cool.