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Zoo Shade Structures

Nobody has to tell you that zoos draw a lot of business during the summer — but unfortunately, this hot and sunny season is also when the sun’s harshest rays are at work, especially in the afternoon, which is when a lot of families like to visit. How can you protect patrons and animals without changing the appeal of your zoo? The answer is zoo shade structures. Superior Shade provides a wide range of high-quality, wind-resistant, attractive zoo shades that can help cool and beautify your outdoor spaces. What’s more, because of recent changes to zoo accreditation standards, upgrading and adding shade to animal living areas is actually a necessity. You need shade in order to protect against sun damage and discomfort. With that in mind, let our team provide you with the ideal zoo shade structures to suit your facility — giving your guests and your animals an even better experience at your location!


Superior Zoo Shade Solutions Catered to You

Whether it’s to suspend over a play area, a seating area, a part of an animal exhibit or something else, the zoo shades we provide at Superior Shade are great additions to any zoo environment. Choose from a suspended cantilever shade at your amphitheater, an umbrella shade at your outdoor picnic area or something else — each zoo shade we offer is fully customizable to your individual exhibits, from branding to color choices and more! Plus, when you work with us, one of our Certified Partners will be happy to help you consider available options and select just the right structures to suit your zoo. While you may look for shade structures to cool animals and guests, you’ll be pleased to learn how much style and value our products can add in terms of aesthetics, too!


For more inspiration, check out our Zoo Inspiration Market Brochure where you can read about different ideas for your facility, learn about your shade budget, and see inspiring environment designs. To download this brochure click here.

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