Fabric vs. Metal Shade

Fabric vs. Metal Shade

Fabric shade structures are becoming increasingly popular in parks, schools, zoos, museums, housing communities, hospitality venues, and retail businesses. These commercial shades are being put into use more and more in and over public spaces like playground areas where children play. Fabric shades increase the longevity of color retention in site furniture, motor vehicles, and playground equipment and surfacing. They are also more economical compared with an all-steel shade shelter.

Fabric Shade

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Most fabric shades in today’s market have a protectant coating on the fabric that can block a percentage of the sun’s damaging UV rays. It is these types of rays that can eventually lead to serious skin damage. In addition to blocking UV rays, comfort is another reason to choose a shade. These structures are often a choice addition at resorts, parks, and over playgrounds. These shades can cool the space underneath the shade on average by up to 20 degrees! This may be why there’s a growing segment of businesses and housing communities adding parking lot shade to their amenity portfolio. Cars that have been sitting in the sun for a few hours can get really hot. As a convenience to their customers, these organizations offer vehicle protection. Fabric shade does require some basic maintenance, such as tensioning of cable that holds the material in place and removal of the fabric during heavy snow and strong winds.

Steel Shade

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Steel shelters provide many of the same benefits as fabric shade structures, However, steel shelters have an all-steel roof. These types of shelters have a variety of roofing options. The most common choices are 24 gauge metal roofing, 29 gauge metal roofing, fiberglass shingles, or cedar shingles. Much like fabric structures, site owners can also add electrical cut-outs and outlets to add lighting, fans, or anything else that requires electricity to the structure. Superior also offers many standard steel shelters, pavilions, pergolas, and gazebos.