USSSA Space Coast Complex Renovates Spectator Seating with Superior Shade

USSSA Space Coast Complex Renovates Spectator Seating with Superior Shade

The Customer

The USSSA Space Coast Complex has served as a baseball stadium since 1994 in Melbourne, Fla. Since its inception, this complex has been the home of the Brevard County Manatees (until 2016) and has also served as a spring training facility for different teams.

After a $50 million renovation in 2017, this sports complex re-opened in January 2018 as the United States Specialty Sports Association’s new national headquarters and became the home to the USSSA Pride. Part of this renovation included needing custom stadium shades across 10 baseball and softball fields.

The Challenge

Taking into account the warm Florida weather, the USSSA wanted to incorporate shade so spectators can stay cool and comfortable while enjoying a game.

Contractor Wharton-Smith was in search of a company to partner with that could provide high-quality shade, turnkey services, and work within a large job site. President of Southern Recreation Terry Rogers and his team were the perfect fit for this project.

“Wharton-Smith is very pleased with the partnering experience and support provided by Southern Recreation and Superior Shade,” Ray Bowen, Senior Project Manager for Wharton-Smith said.

The Superior Solution

The shade solutions include 18 T-Cantilevers that shade bleachers at each baseball and softball field. They measure 45’ x 25’ x 11.5’ and feature a four column design, surface mounting, Superior’s Glide Elbow mechanism to quickly remove and attach fabric, true blue fabric, and black frames.

In addition, there is a custom stadium shade that protects the grandstands at Pride Field, which is their championship field.

“The Pride Field is the showcase for the venue. It provides an easily identifiable landmark for the fans,” Bowen said.

The client chose shades with the cantilever design for its ability to provide unobstructed views.

“The cantilevered construction, which eliminates columns on the field side, was the key component. [The] USSSA wanted to provide an uninhibited view of the field,” Bowen said.

The partnership between Wharton-Smith, Southern Recreation, and Superior was successful.

“In my opinion, SRP went above and beyond in their support of this project from design to engineering and fabrication,” Rogers said.


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Written By: K. Broadwell