Glide Elbow™ Tutorial

Our Glide Elbow™ Helps to Easily Remove Fabric

Our revolutionary Glide Elbow™ fabric removal mechanism was designed with you in mind. Our Glide Elbow™ allows you to easily remove the fabric from your shade structure with the use of a simple wrench or a cordless drill. Check out our step-by-step instructional video and download our easy-to-follow instruction guide below.

Removing Your Shade’s Fabric is as Easy as 1-2-3 with our Glide Elbow™

Remove the covers from the end of the Glide Elbows™. Using the proper wrench, turn the hex nuts on the end of each Glide Elbow™ until the glide hooks go to their top most position.

Secure each corner of the fabric to the cable by tying them together with a rope. If uninstalling in breezy conditions, tie the shade corners to the post before unhooking for safety.

Unhook the fabric and cables and carefully push the fabric away from the hooks. As you are unhooking each side, be cautious of anything underneath the shade. Slowly lower the fabric from the frame and fold it for storage.

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