Aspen Ridge Academy

Aspen Ridge Academy

As a tight-knit community at Aspen Ridge Preparatory School (ARPS), we were founded by the community with a mission to uplift everyone within it. Our school, serving grades PK-8, prioritizes student well-being, safety, and family involvement. We embrace innovative ideas that nurture academic excellence, character development, and personalized growth for all individuals. Valuing diversity, we meet students at their unique starting points, guiding them to become essential contributors to our community.

Committed to maintaining small class sizes, we tailor our approach to meet each student's needs. Every student at ARPS receives a personalized education plan, regularly updated to address academic and behavioral objectives tailored to their requirements. Our emphasis on a low student-to-teacher ratio fosters strong bonds and ensures that each individual is acknowledged and supported. In our school, no one goes unnoticed.

Aspen Ridge Academy collaborated with Superior Shade to enhance their outdoor play and seating areas with custom-designed shade solutions. Opting for a Square Umbrella in a striking Custom pink/purple color, the academy sought to create a vibrant and inviting space for their students to take a minute to relax and catch their breath. Another integrated shading structure, known as a Barrell Vaulted Shade, was added to the playground through the use of a Superior Playgrounds vendor. This product is exclusively available from Superior Playgrounds; however, it includes the same custom fabric color as the Superior Shade Square Umbrella shown. These two different product lines blend seamlessly into the school's bright playground theme.

These shade structures not only provide relief from the sun but also protect the playground equipment from overheating, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for playtime. The Barrell Vaulted Shades, securely integrated into the play structure, offer a stylish and functional addition, while the Square Umbrella Shade shields the picnic tables and nearby play areas, creating a comfortable spot for students to relax and socialize. Superior Shade's unique designs seamlessly align with Aspen Ridge Academy's dedication to the welfare and security of students, infusing their outdoor area with a splash of imagination and vibrancy.

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