Harley Davidson Store

Harley Davidson Store

Grand Prairie, Texas

In Grand Prairie, Texas, the Harley Davidson store stands as a thriving hub of motorcycle enthusiasts, attracting a high volume of customers who eagerly walk through its doors. Recognizing the importance of delivering an exceptional experience to their valued patrons, both inside and outside the store, Harley Davidson has been diligently addressing any concerns that could potentially mar their customers' satisfaction. One such concern that had been increasingly voiced by customers and employees alike was the discomfort of climbing back into their scorching hot cars after a visit, mainly due to the lack of sufficient shading in the expansive parking lot area.

Given that Texas experiences sweltering temperatures of 90 degrees or higher during the peak summer months of June, July, and August, it became evident that Harley Davidson needed an effective solution to alleviate this issue. Collaborating closely with Harley Davidson, Superior Shade undertook the task of creating a specially customized Standard Wavecrest parking shade structure that would cater to their unique needs.

This exceptional shade structure was meticulously designed to perfectly fit the height requirements of typical vehicles, ensuring optimal coverage and protection from the relentless Texas sun. Not only does the structure serve its practical purpose with utmost efficiency, but its sleek and stylish appearance effortlessly complements the overall aesthetic of the Harley Davidson store. With its arched design, this parking lot shade offers complete coverage, providing everyone who parks beneath it with a truly pleasant and comfortable experience from the moment they arrive until the time they leave.

Harley Davidson's investment in a state-of-the-art car shade canopy demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction. Through their partnership with Superior Shade, they have effectively addressed the issue of scorching hot cars, ensuring a comfortable visit for every customer. This thoughtful addition to the parking lot enhances the overall experience and showcases the brand's dedication to a top-notch customer journey.

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