Mr. Clean Car Wash

Mr. Clean Car Wash

The Mr. Clean Car Wash in Newnan, Georgia was well aware of the scorching heat that often engulfed the area during the summer months. With customers and employees in mind, they turned to Superior Shade for the perfect car wash shade structure, prioritizing a comfortable environment.

Taking into consideration the specific needs of the car wash, Superior Shade worked diligently to ensure that the shade structure not only offered protection but also seamlessly integrated with the existing layout. The result was a completely custom-made car wash canopy that exuded a clean and organized aesthetic while prioritizing functionality.

One of the standout features of these ultra-custom car shades is their electrical capabilities. Recognizing the need for adequate lighting and convenient access to vacuums, Superior Shade equipped the shade structures with electrical outlets. This thoughtful addition allows the car wash to provide an optimal customer experience by ensuring sufficient visibility and easy access to cleaning equipment.

In addition to their electrical capabilities, these large shaded structures were designed with efficiency in mind. By using common posts, Superior Shade reduced costs and created a more streamlined and visually appealing design.

Furthermore, Superior Shade went above and beyond to accommodate the unique requirements of the car wash. By incorporating vacuum pipe tubes throughout the metal frames, they seamlessly integrated the necessary infrastructure without compromising the overall aesthetic. This attention to detail and commitment to meeting client needs is what sets Superior Shade apart.

The Mr. Clean Car Wash in Newnan, Georgia serves as a shining example of the outstanding results that can be achieved when working in collaboration with Superior Shade. By understanding their client's vision and going the extra mile to deliver exceptional shade structures, Superior Shade consistently exceeds expectations. From design to installation, they are dedicated to providing the best possible outcome for their customers.

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