Pristine Car Wash

Pristine Car Wash

Pristine Car Wash is one of the most popular car wash businesses in Melbourne, Florida. It is known for offering a complete range of car wash services to its customers. However, the management at Pristine Car Wash noticed that some of their customers were having trouble using their outdoor vacuum space due to the hot sun. The customers were unhappy with the experience, and the management realized they needed to find a solution. 

They turned to a Superior Shade to help them create a custom solution that would provide shade to the outdoor vacuum space. After discussing their needs, the shade structure company recommended a Super Dome Hip shade structure. This particular shade structure is designed to cover very large outdoor spaces and is surface-mounted, making it easy to install. 

The Super Dome Hip shade structure is made of high-quality materials, including Mariner Blue metal and Navy Blue fabric. The combination of these materials makes it very durable and able to withstand the harsh Florida weather. The structure measures 40’ x 50’ x 10’, which provides ample shade to the outdoor vacuum space at Pristine Car Wash. 

Now, customers can enjoy a comfortable and cool experience while using the outdoor vacuum space. The management at Pristine Car Wash is very happy with the shade structure and the positive feedback they have received from their customers. It has helped them provide a better customer experience and keep their customers coming back. 

In conclusion, the Super Dome Hip shade structure has been a great addition to Pristine Car Wash in Melbourne, Florida. It has solved the problem of providing shade to their outdoor vacuum space and has helped them improve their customer experience. If you are ever in Melbourne, Florida, and need a car wash, be sure to check out Pristine Car Wash and its new shade structure!

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