Goddard School Chantilly

Goddard School Chantilly

The Goddard School® is a renowned early childhood education center that offers a nurturing environment for children to thrive and grow. The school firmly believes in the power of experiential learning, which is why they implement cutting-edge, academically backed methods to make learning enjoyable for children. At Goddard Schools, they understand that every child is unique, and they prioritize holistic growth and academic readiness for each child. Their educational philosophy revolves around equipping children with essential skills for long-term success in both school and life. The school takes pride in its commitment to providing top-notch education and child development services.

The Goddard School of Chantilly recognizes the importance of playtime in a child's educational and developmental journey. Therefore, they decided to upgrade their play area to promote children's socializing and playing time. They reached out to Superior Shade for their expertise in shade structures and opted for a Square Umbrella Shade in a Rivergum Green color fabric.

Superior Shade's fabric helps block harmful UV rays, so children can better enjoy their outside time to play and socialize with one another. The shade structure is available in a Hexagon or Octagon shape as well, providing flexibility and options to the school.

The Goddard School understands the pivotal role of parental involvement in a child's success and actively encourages parents to engage in their child's educational journey. With the upgraded play area, children can now spend more quality time with their peers, developing their social skills, tuning into their musical abilities, and enjoying the benefits of outdoor playtime.

In conclusion, the Goddard School of Chantilly's decision to upgrade its play area showcases its commitment to providing the best possible learning environment for children. With the help of Superior Shade, they were able to create a space that promotes socialization, fun, and outdoor playtime while keeping children cool and protected.

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