Henry Doorly Zoo

Henry Doorly Zoo

Omaha, Nebraska

Nestled in the heart of Nebraska lies Henry Doorly Zoo, a true gem among the largest and most celebrated zoos in the United States. Encompassing more than 130 acres, Henry Doorly Zoo is home to a remarkable array of over 17,000 animals from across the globe. The zoo is known for its outstanding exhibits, including the Desert Dome, the world's largest indoor desert, and the Lied Jungle, a vast tropical rainforest habitat. Henry Doorly Zoo provides an enchanting experience that appeals to visitors of every age, seamlessly blending the realms of education, conservation, and entertainment within a stunningly crafted environment.

Superior Shade has had the pleasure of collaborating with Henry Doorly Zoo on two distinct occasions to provide shade for various captivating attractions.

In 2019, we helped to outfit Henry Doorly Zoo’s Glacier Bay Landing, a public restaurant area, with seven 20’ x 20’ square umbrellas that provide shade to their outdoor dining tables. In the public plaza where these shades are located, the zoo provided seating for 276 people. These large umbrella shades provide abundant shade to accommodate shade for almost all 276 chairs. These square umbrella shades are located right beside a lighthouse-themed playground that we custom-designed. For more details on the custom playground, visit Superior Playgrounds.

Additionally, in 2019, Superior Shade had the privilege of enhancing the sea lion exhibit with a custom multi-sail shade. This exquisite shade boasted 12 elegant columns and three beautifully designed fabric shades, creating a stunning and functional addition to the exhibit.

In 2022, the zoo came back to us to help shade their newest attraction, Alaskan Adventure. The Alaskan Adventure is a splash pad with over 75 bronze statues of animals, including puffins, salmon, sea lions, and the whale centerpiece. To provide shade for parents and zoo staff, the zoo purchased 20 Square Cantilever Umbrella Shades.

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