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St. Augustine, Florida

SilverLeaf is a master-planned community in St. Augustine, Florida. This home community boasts fabulous amenities for its residents, including neighborhood parks, pools, splash pads, playgrounds, and more. Once completed, it will be one of the largest community developments in northeast Florida.

At the community’s resort-style amenity center, residents can spend their days relaxing by the pools, playing at the playground, or even play tennis. To provide optimal comfort for residents, the developer of this community opted for several shaded spaces within the amenity center – 19 to be exact.

The developer chose our Arched Cantilever Shade to provide poolside shade for the center’s two pools. They opted for this same style to provide splash pad shade and playground shade for the amenity center’s waterpark area and large playground. The tennis courts also received shade for spectator seating.

What’s more, they opted for an eye-catching custom sail shade design to provide shade for picnic tables near the pool. A small hip end shade was also placed in the community’s dog park to cool dog owners at the park.

All the shades feature a cool color scheme of white and blue, complementing the area’s general design.

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