Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University (OSU) takes pride in its tennis teams and wanted to create a first-class stadium that would impress fans and visitors alike. The university approached Superior Recreational Products with the challenge of outfitting the tennis stadium seating and walkways with a shade structure that would provide comfort and protection from the sun. 

Superior Recreational Products, an expert in shade structures, worked alongside a landscape architect who designed the stadium to create a custom double-arched Cantilever shade structure. The structure was designed to complement the stadium's aesthetics and enhance the overall look and feel of the venue. 

The shade structure's bright and striking fabric color matches the iconic orange branding of OSU, which makes it stand out and easily recognizable from afar. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, providing shade and comfort to spectators during tennis tournaments and matches. The shade structure's design allows for maximum airflow, ensuring that the area beneath it is well-ventilated, keeping fans comfortable even on hot summer days.

Since its installation in May 2014, the tennis court shade structure has been keeping spectators cool and comfortable, proving its long-lasting quality and durability. However, this is not the end of this structure's lifespan, it still has many years remaining with proper maintenance and care. The shaded product's many different components are backed by multiple warranties, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in its quality and longevity. Constructed with top-notch materials engineered to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, this shade structure guarantees long-lasting excellence that will endure for countless years to come.

Overall, the shade structure is an excellent addition to the OSU tennis stadium. It provides a comfortable and shaded area for fans to enjoy the matches and tournaments while also creating a stand-out stadium that reflects the university's pride in its tennis teams.

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