Black Gold Harley-Davidson

Black Gold Harley-Davidson

Black Gold Harley-Davidson, a renowned motorcycle dealership in Allen, Texas, was in dire need of a reliable shading solution to accommodate their various events and gatherings. The hassle of setting up temporary tents for these occasions proved to be challenging, as they lacked the necessary sturdiness and practicality. Storing and assembling these tents became a tedious task, and concerns about safety and coverage further added to the frustration.

Realizing the need for a more permanent and efficient solution, Black Gold Harley-Davidson sought the expertise and recommendation of Superior Shade. With their extensive knowledge and experience, Superior Shade was able to offer the perfect fit for the dealership's parking lot needs.

The dealership decided to utilize the innovative Multi-Dome Rectangular Hip shades provided by Superior Shade. This shading solution not only provides adequate coverage for the parking area but also creates a shaded gathering and event space for their customers. Spanning over 35 full-size vehicle parking spaces (more than double for motorcycles), this shaded area ensures that shoppers can comfortably browse through the dealership's offerings without worrying about the scorching Texas sun.

To maintain a cohesive brand image, Black Gold Harley-Davidson made the decision to utilize Superior Shade's Sun Blaze fabric and a sleek black powder coat finish. This not only complemented the dealership's colors but also added a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic. The customized shading option not only met their specific requirements but also provided a cost-effective solution.

Thanks to Superior Shade, Black Gold Harley-Davidson now has a permanent and reliable shading solution that enhances their events and creates a comfortable shopping experience for their customers. With the Multi-Dome Rectangular Hip shades in place, the dealership can now focus on hosting successful fundraising events, meet-ups, and other exciting occasions, without the hassle and limitations of temporary tents.

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