Juan Tabo Hills Park

Juan Tabo Hills Park

Superior created a custom shade for Juan Tabo Hills Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Juan Tabo Hills was a new park that was on a topographically-challenging site, so they chose five Triangle Sail shades to custom fit the space in the central plaza area. The shade was an original concept created by Greg Miller of Morrow-Reardon-Wilkinson-Miller Architecture that was designed and engineered by Superior. This custom design was meant to represent the shutter of a camera when viewed from above and below.

“We wanted to have a large area covered by the shade structure. We also wanted a design that had some dynamic visual character,” Miller said. “The angle of the posts and varying connection heights gives a sense of swirling movement and reinforces the flow in the overall park design.”

As well as providing shade, the size and visual impact of this shade design provide a stunning visual focal point for the park.

“We knew we needed something large to balance the steep hill in the background. This structure is visible from the main entry road into the neighborhood and is a magnet to draw visitors into the park,” Miller said.

Our customer successfully coordinated the design through multiple revisions to create a great project.

“I am very pleased with the results and we have received great positive feedback from the City of Albuquerque parks staff and the architectural firm for the project,” our customer said. “Both designers and sales consultants should embrace the opportunity to develop completely original designs that can make a project truly unique. In my experience, Superior has always been enthusiastic about assisting with new and challenging ideas for shade.”

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