Stratford Park

Stratford Park

Stratford Park Called upon Superior Shade to help resolve multiple issues all in one go while also making it a unique eye-catching structure. The Superior Shade sports shade at Stratford Park in Arlington, Virginia is a great addition to the park's amenities. It not only provides a comfortable and shaded area for spectators to enjoy the sporting events but also adds a unique and modern touch to the park's design. The custom Halo Disc shade is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing with its round top and curved posts.

The shade's slim and modern design makes it stand out from the other features of the park, but it also blends in well with the circular design of the tables and benches that sit below it. This iconic structure serves as a great focal point and landmark for guests to better navigate the park and find their way to the various sporting events.

The strategic placement of the shade in the central location of the park between the baseball/softball field and tennis courts allows for an unobstructed view of all surrounding sporting events. It also offers protection to guests from stray, overhead balls during these events. The True Blue fabric and Orange frame of the shade are sure to catch everyone's attention, making it an even better spot to enjoy many outdoor activities.

Overall, the Superior Shade sports shade at Stratford Park is a great example of how functional design can also be aesthetically pleasing. It not only provides a comfortable and shaded area for park guests but also adds to the overall ambiance and appeal of the park. Customers are thrilled with Superior's ability to create custom designs that perfectly meet their needs, adding a touch of uniqueness to each project. With their one-of-a-kind creations, Superior consistently adds a special twist to every endeavor, leaving customers beyond satisfied.

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