Altos Del Mar Park Playground Shade

Jun. 2, 2023 | Florida Altos Del Mar Park Playground Shade

Superior Shade designed a pirate ship-themed playground for Altos Del Mar Park in Miami Beach, Florida. However, there was the common issue of the playground equipment becoming too hot or pieces of the playground having to be replaced more often due to the wear of the sun. To help beat the heat, Superior Shade added four Triangle Sail Shades over the play environment. Not only do the Triangle Sail Shades block harmful UV rays, but it also aids in the longevity of the play equipment.

Children tend to be the main concern for health and safety while building these structures, but Superior Shade wanted to ensure long-lasting product quality as well. The colors True Blue and Aquatic Blue were chosen for the shade fabric to fit seamlessly into the surrounding theme. This shade structure provides a practical solution for all spaces. It also allows many of these shades to share the same pole structures to minimize any view obstructions of the playground's unique theme.

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