Jack & Jill Preschool

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Fernandina Beach, Florida

Jack & Jill Preschool is an accredited preschool based out of Fernandina Beach First Baptist Church in Florida. Their mission is to impart a Christ-centered education for children ages two through four years old. The school installed a new play area for these children where they utilized several shades to not only protect children from the Florida sun but to allow children to play outside longer.

The preschool installed five different shaded areas: a shaded picnic area, two shaded playgrounds, and two shaded swings. Alongside our partner, Jacksonville-based Southern Recreation, they preschool opted for two Hip End Shades for the large playground and the picnic area, a Square Cantilever Umbrella Shade for the 6-23 month play area, and two of our integrated shade swings.

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