Miramar River Run Park

Miramar River Run Park

Miramar River Run Park in Miramar, Florida has a walking/jogging trail and a playground that needed additional shading to provide a better play environment for children. Sun protection is not the only benefit of an added shade structure. It will allow for cooler temperatures on the slides and metal bars children grab onto, which makes for more safe and more comfortable playtime. Miramar partnered with Superior Shade to find its perfect shade solution.

After doing a full site review, Superior suggested children and families would be best served by two Rectangle Hip shade canopies that now cover the entire playground. Our solution takes the hassle out of outdoor time for children because hot slides and sunburns should not be their concern. These large shade structures have a super durable fabric that helps to block UV rays. Since it is the most versatile and economical shade structure, clients can afford to cover large areas for schools, parks, churches, and more.

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