Bartholomew Municipal Pool

Bartholomew Municipal Pool

Bartholomew Municipal Pool, an outdoor water park, provides an amazing water escape to fit all of their customer's needs. It features three pools and two water slides that offer many different forms of entertainment and relaxation. Thrill seekers can enjoy the quick-paced water slides while others can relax, exercise, or dive into the other three pool options. The pool hosts people from all over Austin, Texas. Therefore, it needed adequate shading options to protect people from the sun.

Superior Shade supplied Bartholomew Municipal Pool with six sail shades that cover two pools and the entrance. The shades have provided not only UV protection but a pop of color to the area as well. The sail shade at the entrance of the water park allows for a cool stopping point for excited children waiting on their parents to catch up. These strategically placed shade structures also allow people to choose from ample, partial, or no shade coverage on their pool options.

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