Dallas County Splash Pads

Dallas County Splash Pads

Superior Shade's recent addition of several shade canopies and shelter pavilions to seven splash pads within the Dallas, Texas area has been met with overwhelming gratitude from parents and caregivers alike. As we all know, children are naturally drawn to outdoor play, especially during the warm summer months. However, the sun's harmful rays can pose serious risks, such as sunburns, dehydration, and other health issues. Recognizing this, Superior Shade took the initiative to provide ample shade structures, ensuring a safer play environment for children when the sun is at its peak.

The splash pad locations that received the shade structures include Timberglen Park, Grauwyler Park, Nash Davis, Kleberg-Rylie, Jaycee Zaragosa, and K.B. Polk. Each of these facilities now has a variety of fabric shade and steel shelters added to their outdoor spaces, which is a great relief for families visiting these splash pads. The Texas heat can be quite intense during the summer months, and it is important to provide visitors with enough shade to protect them from the sun's harmful rays.

The unique designs of each shade structure add a touch of individuality to every splash pad, creating a diverse and visually appealing atmosphere. By carefully considering the specific needs and layout of each location, Superior Shade ensured that the shade structures seamlessly blend into their surroundings while providing optimal shade coverage. The low-profile options of all the shade structures listed below are great because they do not take away children's attention from play. The following are the project features of the shade structures added to the splash pads:

  • Hypar Umbrellas
  • Single Post Umbrellas
  • Custom Sail Shades
  • Dual-Column Umbrellas

All of these shade structures are efficient and effective in providing shade and shelter to visitors of the splash pads. The addition of these shade structures by Superior Shade is a testament to their commitment to providing safe and enjoyable outdoor spaces for children and families.

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