Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa

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Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa is a popular oceanfront destination located in South Carolina. Travelers choose this resort in search of a relaxing stay to unwind near the beach. Wanting to keep guests comfortable and safe from the sun, the Westin reached out to Superior Recreational Products to install visually appealing yet durable shade structures throughout their outdoor pool and sunbathing area. They opted for six 10 foot Cantilever Umbrellas with Glide Elbow™ to cover their outdoor lounge furniture. Wanting to maintain a natural color scheme, the Westin chose the color Iced Coffee for the powder coat frames and decided on Beige shade fabric. Not only do these cantilever umbrellas protect guests and outdoor furniture, but they also add style and visual appeal to help stand out from other hotel competition in the same area. Choosing a cantilever umbrella offers more space underneath the structure and works great for poolside locations. Opting for our Glide Elbow™ gives this resort the option of removing the shade fabric in the case of severe weather such as hurricanes. Since the Westin is located beside the beach, this was an added perk to help maintain their durable and valuable new shade structures.

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