Winding Walk Community Center

Winding Walk Community Center

The Winding Walk Community Center in Concord, North Carolina is a vibrant and bustling space where families gather to beat the heat and enjoy a refreshing dip in the cool waters. However, parents and children alike found themselves at the mercy of the sun's harmful UV rays, resulting in painful sunburns and a sense of unease. As the number of sunburn cases increased, the Winding Walk Community Center recognized the urgent need to address this growing concern. Determined to create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone, they sought out Superior Shade to devise a custom-made shading solution.

This resulted in a was a stunning hanging cantilever shade structure that transformed the children's pool area into a haven of comfort and protection. With its sleek design and modern aesthetic, the cantilever shade structure seamlessly integrated into the existing landscape, enhancing the overall appeal of the space.

The primary objective of the cantilever shade structure was to provide unobstructed space underneath while effectively shielding the pool area from the sun's harmful UV rays. The fabric used in the construction of the shade structure was carefully selected to offer maximum protection, blocking out the sun's rays that had previously caused discomfort and sunburns.

Despite its robust sun protection, the cantilever shade structure still allowed a gentle infusion of sunlight to heat the pool, creating the perfect balance between sun and shade. This thoughtful design element ensured that children could bask in the warmth of the sun while staying safe and protected from its harmful effects. The installation of the new shade structure brought about a remarkable transformation in the children's pool area.

Thanks to the unwavering commitment and exceptional skills of Superior Shade, the Winding Walk Community Center triumphantly resolved the problem of insufficient shading. Their solution set a shining example for other communities prioritizing resident well-being, and allowing endless hours of sun-filled enjoyment while shielding from harmful rays.

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