Baylor University

Baylor University

Waco, Texas

Baylor University's Hurd Tennis Center is a renowned facility that boasts a total of 12 outdoor tennis courts, out of which 6 are dedicated championship courts. These state-of-the-art courts provide the perfect stage for intense matches and thrilling competitions. However, while the players gave it their all on the courts, the audience was left battling the scorching Texas heat without any relief.

Recognizing the need to enhance the spectator experience, Superior Shade was the perfect choice to transform the Bradley R. Hulse Grandstands into a haven from the relentless sun. The goal was to provide a cool and enjoyable atmosphere where tennis enthusiasts could cheer on their favorite players without worrying about the sweltering heat.

Superior Shade's innovative shade structure was carefully selected to not only protect from the sun's rays but also allow the refreshing breeze to pass through the stands. This clever design ensured that spectators could comfortably watch the matches without feeling overwhelmed by the oppressive heat. To add a touch of Baylor University's signature green, Superior Shade provided 15 custom cantilever shades that seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment.

Each cantilever shade was meticulously tailored to fit the lengths of the entire stands, ensuring that every seat was covered and shielded from the harsh sun. The attention to detail didn't stop there, as even the entryway to the courts was adorned with these custom shades, creating a unified and aesthetically pleasing look. The transformation was nothing short of remarkable, as the once bare and exposed grandstands were now transformed into a cool oasis, offering the perfect vantage point to witness the thrilling tennis matches.

With the addition of these custom cantilever shades, Baylor University's Hurd Tennis Center has elevated the spectator experience to new heights. Thanks to Superior Shade's exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, the Hurd Tennis Center has become a world-class facility that caters not only to the players but also to the dedicated fans who make each match an unforgettable experience.

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