University of West Georgia Campus Center

University of West Georgia Campus Center

The popular 131,000 square footage Campus Center at the University of West Georgia (UWG) is home to many amenities including indoor basketball courts, a climbing wall, event ballrooms, and a large outdoor patio. Students lacked access to a large study area outside of the buildings. Other outdoor study areas were quickly filled due to the limited amount of seating available. The outdoor patio struggled to gather large amounts of students due to the lack of shading in the area; it also lacked a shaded place to relax during events.

Overlooking UWG's Love Valley, the outdoor patio at the Campus Center features five of Superior's Hyperbolic Sail Shades and two Standard Sail Shades. Students can now enjoy the large, shaded space for studying, dining, or hosting events. This shade was engineered to include electrical outlets in the posts. Additionally, the university installed a lighting system. The transformation of the outdoor patio area greatly improved attendance and retention at campus events.

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