Ansin Sports Complex

Ansin Sports Complex

Located in sunny Miramar, Florida, Ansin Sports Complex is a large 24-acre state-of-the-art sports complex that is home to a Class Two internationally certified track, community center, and other amenities. Superior Recreational Products, a shade manufacturer, and their distributor worked with the sports complex to create a custom shade for the bleacher seating.

In order to cover the large 250-foot-long bleacher area, they chose a custom Multi-Dome Hip shade. It is designed for five rectangular canopies to share common posts, which minimizes the amount of obstructed views of the field. This shade structure is the best way to shade large areas on a budget, especially for a project of this size. It's the seamless transition from one shade to the next that provides a sleek overall look to the structure. The 261' x 37' five-dome hip shade features blue fabric and a white powder coat frame that compliments the existing track.

“The customer is very pleased with the end result. The finished product accomplished their shade goals while creating minimum intrusion and disruption during the construction because of the intelligent design of the shade structure that took into account existing site features that needed to be avoided to create a seamless installation,” distributor Paul Adrianse said.

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