Wilemon Elementary School

Wilemon Elementary School

Wilemon STEAM Academy is a unique elementary school that places a strong emphasis on STEM education. It's located in Waxahachie, Texas, and serves students from Kindergarten to fifth grade who are driven to learn and explore new things. One of the things that makes Wilemon STEAM Academy stand out is that all of its teachers are National Institute of STEM Education Certified, which is an impressive accomplishment. Additionally, the school has also earned the National Institute of STEM Education Campus Certification, making it the third school in the nation to achieve this status.

Wilemon students and staff have a Growth Mindset, which means that they believe in the power of learning from failures. They view mistakes as the First Attempt at learning and are always looking for ways to improve and grow. The school uses maker spaces throughout the building to provide students with an extension of their learning, allowing them to unleash their creativity and explore new ideas.

To continue fostering this culture of learning and exploration, Wilemon Elementary School partnered with Superior Shade to create the perfect themed play space for their students. Superior Shade installed a Square Hip Shade to provide shade for the children's large train-themed playground area, ensuring that the children can play and explore in comfort. The Square Hip Shade is made of True Blue Fabric, which makes the space feel even brighter and more inviting.

But that's not all. Superior Shade also installed an integrated Hexagon Shade to cover the airport-themed playground structure, making it look like a parachute on top of the playground. Superior Shade offers a freestanding version of the shade mentioned above, which is the Hexagon Hip Shade. This shade structure is also made of True Blue Fabric, which creates a cohesive and visually appealing look for the entire play area. The shaded areas are perfect for outdoor learning activities and provide a comfortable and safe environment for the students.

Wilemon STEAM Academy is a place where students and staff are passionate about learning and growth. With the help of Superior Shade, they have created an outdoor play area that reflects their values and provides a fun and safe environment for children to play and learn.

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