Kansas City Sea Lion Exhibit

Kansas City Sea Lion Exhibit

Kansas City, Missouri

The Kansas City Zoo in Missouri has recently partnered with Superior Shade to revamp its Sea Lion exhibit, aiming to not only meet the standards set by the Marine Mammal Protection Act but also to bring a touch of architectural grandeur to the enclosure. Recognizing the importance of providing adequate shading, the zoo sought to create a safe and conducive environment for their beloved sea lions to thrive in. What makes this exhibit truly exceptional is its unique design, requiring the structure to be elevated above the ground, and seemingly suspended above the enclosure without the use of central poles.

Collaborating closely with the Kansas City Zoo, Superior Shade embraced the opportunity to craft a brilliant shade solution. Introducing a custom shade structure, they utilized high-tension cabling that spanned an impressive diameter of over 95 feet. The result was a web-like canopy that not only provided maximum shading but also ensured exceptional structural stability. With no central poles obstructing the view, visitors can now marvel at the sea lions as they gracefully swim and play in their shaded haven. This innovative approach is perfectly aligned with Superior Shade's commitment to delivering tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of its clients.

With its expertise and ingenuity, Superior Shade has once again proven its ability to create remarkable and functional structures. By seamlessly integrating the unique design requirements of the Kansas City Zoo's Sea Lion exhibit, they have successfully enhanced the overall experience for both the sea lions and zoo visitors alike. This project serves as a testament to their dedication to providing exceptional shade solutions that go beyond mere functionality. As visitors walk beneath the canopy, they can learn about the importance of shade for these magnificent creatures and gain a deeper understanding of the efforts being made to ensure their welfare and conservation efforts in zoo environments.

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