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Milwaukee, Wisconson

The Milwaukee County Zoo welcomed a Polar Bear named Snow Lilly in 2005 and located her next to the seals. To accommodate both Snow Lilly and the seals, Milwaukee County Zoo needed unique shades to protect these crowd favorites from the summer sun. Superior Shade stepped in creating a custom shade hybrid. This hybrid blends a 25' x 10' Sail Shade and 25' x 23' Cantilever both held up by a single column 13' above the surface. This hybrid shade was designed to keep the animals cool, while also being sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather and tall enough so that the Snow Lilly can't climb. The Milwaukee Zoo also put up an Arched Cantilever in the elephant exhibit. The Milwaukee County Zoo serves as a great inspiration for any zoo in need of a unique way to shade their animals!

To read more about the process of how we helped shade these beautiful animals, get our case study on the project here.

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