Country Lane Elementary School

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Country Lane Elementary School in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, recognized the need for car shade canopies to protect their students and teachers from the harsh sun in the carpool area. With teachers and students spending a significant amount of time outside in all weather conditions, the school aimed to create a more sheltered space for the car and bus rider lines. To fulfill this requirement, Superior Shade stepped in and introduced a remarkable solution - a large, custom Standard Cantilever structure, along with several custom Suspended Cantilever structures.

The inclusion of the large Standard Cantilever structure was a practical and cost-effective choice for providing shade across vast areas, such as walkways, bus stop seating, and bleachers. This versatile shade solution allowed the school to create a comfortable environment for everyone on the premises. In addition to the Standard Cantilever, the school also opted for multiple Suspended Cantilever structures that seamlessly aligned with the school's walkways. Each of these structures was tailor-made to suit the unique requirements of its specific location.

To ensure visual harmony, the cream color of these parking lot shades was thoughtfully chosen to complement the existing design of the school building. The result was a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing addition to the school's infrastructure. Country Lane Elementary School's installation of shade canopies demonstrates its commitment to creating a safe and conducive learning environment, addressing the immediate need for sun protection.

The collaboration between Superior Shade and Country Lane Elementary School in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma demonstrates the importance of practical and customized solutions to enhance the educational experience. The introduction of the Standard and Suspended Cantilever structures provides shade and architectural elegance to the school grounds. With these shade canopies in place, the car rider and bus rider lines are now transformed into comfortable, shaded areas that prioritize the welfare of the entire school community.

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