Benefits of Shade Structures

Aug. 25, 2017 | Benefits Benefits of Shade Structures


Create a Comfortable Outdoor Space with Shade

Many consumers think about shade structures during the hottest months of the year — and for a good reason!  Shade structures not only allow you to be outdoors longer but also provide the benefit of being protected from the sun. There are many benefits to having shade structures, such as relief from the elements (such as sun and rain), architectural aesthetics, protection of cars or equipment, and compliance with accreditation standards.

Reaping the Benefits of Shade Structures


1. Shelter From the Sun

The most common need for a fabric shade structure is protection from the sun. Structures can shade everything from pool lounge chairs to bleachers, vehicle parking, and even entire playgrounds. In outdoor parks and recreation spaces, shade can prolong your time outdoors and allow children to play longer, keep playground equipment cool to the touch, and provide protection from harmful UV rays. Additionally, a shaded space can have temperature reductions of up to 25 degrees — now that's cool! Apartments, hospitals, office parks, and airports sometimes opt for shaded parking lots, keeping vehicles protected and their internal temperate cooler during hot summer months.

What's more, it's not necessary to change the entire landscape or exterior of your facility to incorporate shade into your outdoor space. A simple hip structure can be erected almost anywhere on your property to provide a sheltered area for students, employees, or the community to enjoy. With sun protection from harmful UV rays and skin cancer on everyone's mind, creating a shady place to relax will be appreciated.

2. Precipitation Protection

Spend more time outdoors without being subjected to the rain — say at your child's baseball game? Additionally, providing vehicle protection from rain and sleet is a great way to add value to your property and boost membership fees, attract new residents, or charge more for car parking. A cantilever shade structure works perfectly in both situations. Today's cantilever structures are attractive as well as functional and can add practical and aesthetic value to your property.

3. Add Architectural Aesthetics or Additional Branding

Making your space more visually interesting is easy with the use of products such as shade sails or any other architecturally-designed canopy. In these applications, the shade not only serves practical use but beautifies your outdoor environment. What's more, the shade fabric and steel posts come in a variety of colors to support your brand's identity or your team's colors.

4. Be Compliant with Accreditation Standards

For childcare centers, head starts, and even some public agencies, accreditation standards require a certain amount of square footage to be shaded, either naturally through trees or through shade structures. If natural shade is not an option in your area, a shade structure like a hip-end shade may be the best route to meet these standards. Not only are there accreditation standards for humans, but did you know zoos and aquariums must accommodate shade guidelines for their animals to become accredited?

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of shade structures, check out our Shade Uncovered: Using Fabric Shade in Public, Private, and Commercial Environments CEU course and presentation.

Choosing the Ideal Structure for Your Location

So how do you know which shade structure is right for you? The ideal shade canopy for you will depend on what you would like to shade, the amount of available space, and your budget. One of our sales representatives can help determine which shade solution is best for you.