Nov. 10, 2017 | Case Study Seabrook Island Enhances Beach Club Community with Superior Shade

The Customer and Their Challenge

Seabrook Island is a private oceanfront community located a few miles from historic Charleston, S.C. This community consists of residential homes, golf courses, and beach club surrounded by a coastal barrier, maritime forest, marshes, and pristine beaches. Being an ocean-side community in the South, Seabrook gets plenty of sunshine and warm weather throughout the year.

“One of the top complaints we heard from our members was the lack of shade in our pool area and our beach area,” Caleb Elledge, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of Seabrook said.

In addition to relief from the heat, another reason they wanted shade was to help protect against harmful UV rays.

“People are much more conscious of the negative effects of the sun, but they still want to enjoy the outdoors at the same time,” Elledge said. Seabrook Island was in search of shade that could cover a large, expansive area that was also aesthetically pleasing.

The Superior Shade Solution

It was important to the customer to choose durable and great-looking shade structures.

“Our beach club is the crown jewel of our entire operation. We couldn’t just put up any kind of shade system that was going to be a blemish,” Elledge said.

To date, Seabrook has implemented three phases of shade solutions throughout the community.


In the spring of 2015, the initial shade project consisted of a covered walkway by the ocean called The Ribbon. Seabrook decided to start with this area as the initial project because it’s the primary ocean front beach location where they keep all of their beach chairs. It is an expansive area between 200 to 230 feet of space that needed to be covered. The shade solution consisted of eight Hyperbolic Sail Shades. These shades were in varying dimensions in order to accommodate the curved design of the existing pathway. The shade allows club members and guests can enjoy the beach without the heat from the harsh sun in this prime location.


In the spring of 2016, the second phase consisted of implementing shade to their pool-side grill. One section included three custom Triangle Sails to shade a seating area and the entrance to the pool. Two Arched Cantilevers provide shade to pool-side loungers, so sunbathers can enjoy the pool area while staying protected from the sun.


The most recent shade project tackled shading the outdoor patio of the Pelican’s Nest restaurant. Two Hypar Sails and four Triangle Sails create this custom shade solution that allow diners to stay cool while they enjoy the ocean views.


Elledge spent a lot of time researching a company that could handle their shade needs.

“From the minute I called Jamie Perrett and spoke with him he knew exactly what we needed. He was out here meeting with me within a couple of weeks,” Elledge said.

We worked with our SRP Certified Partner, Superior Recreation of the Carolinas to create the best solution for Seabrook.

“We had a lot of discussion and came up with the best plan to give them shade,” Bobby Jones, owner of Superior Recreation of the Carolinas said. “We had to create a plan that worked around the concrete, palm trees, etc. to make it as good as possible.”

The Install Foreman James Hewett had a small install team of three work on this project.

“I can’t give enough credit to James,” Jones said. “There was no easy way to get the equipment inside the area.”

Three guys carried the heavy shade posts.

“The posts weighed 580 pounds each, and they took them in and placed them on the surface mount bolts,” Jones said.

They also cut the decking of the outdoor patio in order to put the concrete footers underneath.

“Just an amazing job on their part,” Jones said.

The Results

The new shade structures have had a positive impact on Seabrook Island resort.

“The impact has been tremendous. A ton of member feedback, and a ton of guest feedback that’s been nothing but positive,” Elledge said.

Superior Recreation of the Carolinas worked with Elledge every step of the way.

“When I discovered Jamie Perrett and his team it was just tremendous,” Elledge said. “They really did a great job for us. Super responsive, reasonably priced, always working with us to get the project done. They came in within their deadline and under budget. They’ve been great to work with.”

After doing three phases, Elledge ‘couldn’t be happier.’

“We’ve taken our number one complaint from a few years ago and we’ve made it our number one compliment. Whether they’ve been a member of the club for many years or a first time visitor, of the first things that people will make a positive remark on is our shade system. It’s unique, it’s attractive, and incredibly functional, and it does it’s job very well,” he said.

Seabrook has worked with Superior since 2015 and are looking forward to enhancing more areas with shade solutions.

“One of the things we have discovered is that when you install a shade system like this, immediately we and our members are looking for other opportunities to implement a similar system,” Elledge said.

The next project will most likely be tennis court shade because they have a very active tennis and pickleball program.

“We couldn’t be happier with the product and anyone that would like to come and check out the shades for themselves, we’d love to have them. Very, very happy with how this project has turned out and I’m looking forward to continuing this partnership,” Elledge said. 

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Written By: K. Broadwell