How To Install a Hip End Style Commercial Shade


Ever wonder how we install our commercial shade structures? Take a look at the video above to carefully plan and execute the installation. Check with the local building department for permits and clear the area of obstacles. Use the local 811 service to check for underground utilities. Different installation methods may apply depending on the shade style.

Step One: Prepare the Site
Clear the site by removing vegetation, debris, and obstacles, and level the ground for a strong foundation.

Step Two: Measure and Mark the Post Location
Use measuring tape and stakes to accurately mark the positions for column installation, aligning with the structure dimensions in the installation packet.

Step Three: Dig the Footer Holes
Excavate four footer holes at the designated column installation sites, considering the specific depth and dimensions provided in the installation packet, which varies depending on the shade style.

Step Four: Set the Columns
Place a concrete block at the bottom of each footer hole and add rebar. Double-check column locations and elevations. Place the column on the support block, brace it, and suspend the top piece of rebar. Add rebar to pre-drilled holes at the bottom. Repeat for remaining columns and pour concrete until it's six inches below grade level. Allow the concrete to cure for a minimum of 48 hours.

Step Five: Assemble the Frame
Pre-assemble the frame by inserting the tapered ends of the Glide Elbows into the non-tapered ends of the rafters. Field drill holes through the rafters into the Glide Elbows. Lift and position two assembled rafters onto neighboring columns. Slide the Y-connection over the rafters and repeat with the remaining columns. Insert the shade's ridge pole into both Y-connections. Follow the shade's installation packet to drill holes and install self-tapping screws to secure the frame. Install elbow bolts in the Glide Elbows and double-check all connections for tightness and security.

Step Six: Prepare the Fabric
Unroll the fabric with the hemmed side up. Mark the cable's center point. Insert the cable ends into the left and right hems of one corner and feed it through until it exits at the next two corners, ensuring the center point hasn't shifted. Continue feeding the cable through the fabric's hem until the ends meet at the last corner. Both ends will exit the hem opening beneath the webbing strap. Cross the excess cable and tuck the remaining cable into the strap.

Step Seven: Install the Fabric
Attach the fabric to the Glide Elbows by hooking it over the fabric hole and securing the cables in the cable guide, if applicable. Repeat this process on the remaining two corners. For the corner with excess cable, hook the fabric hole onto the elbow hook and cross the cables around the cable guide. Ensure tightness and secure the cables with cable clamps. Larger shade structures may require pre-tensioning the fabric with a ratchet strap before proceeding.

Step Eight: Tighten the Fabric with the Glide Elbow
Remove the protective cover from each Glide Elbow and use a power drill or wrench to snugly tighten the hex nuts, ensuring not over-tighten. Reinsert and secure the protective covers with the hole facing down. Follow the video and installation packet for a successful installation of a commercial shade structure, prioritizing safety and manufacturer guidelines. Seek professional help if needed for a smooth and successful installation process.