Choosing the Right Shade for Your Property

Choosing the Right Shade for Your Property

Commercial shade structures are an ideal solution to protect your community from harmful UV rays, rain, or snow. Something that may not be so obvious is what kind of shade structure will suit your needs best. We have many options, so let us help you narrow them down to your perfect fit.

Ask Yourself These Questions as They Relate to Your Facility


What is my budget?

While every project is different, each of our clients can expect certain costs while planning for their new shaded environment. Here's a breakdown of what to expect:

  • 10% Freight
  • 40% Product
  • 50% Engineering and Installation

After product selection, here are some other items you should consider:

  • Engineering and permitting
  • Assembly and installation
  • Concrete and rebar costs
  • Concrete pad for shade
  • Site amenities
  • Maintenance plan

How much space do I need to cover? What am I shading?

There are several different options for different size spaces. For a smaller picnic area, we would recommend a simple yet attractive 10’ x 10’ or 14’ x 14’ square hip shade. Square hip shades are the most versatile and affordable shade structures on the market. Hip shades are also available in rectangle and hexagon shapes.

If you have a sidewalk that leads students to the bus or carpool lane, our hanging cantilevers are a good place to start. In addition to school markets, the hanging cantilever is a great solution for walkways, bus stop seating, and bleachers.

Are you looking for a unique solution that makes a statement? Our steel frame sail shades are the perfect fit! You have different designs to choose from or we can custom design a sail shade to fit your space.

If you’re looking to shade a picnic area, try our Picnic Shade Planning Tool to calculate how many tables can fit underneath a shade.