How Tidal Wave Auto Spa Partnered with Superior Shade to Improve Their Employee’s Work Environment at Over 250 Locations

How Tidal Wave Auto Spa Partnered with Superior Shade to Improve Their Employee’s Work Environment at Over 250 Locations


The Introduction

Tidal Wave Auto Spa, founded in 1999 by Scott and Hope Blackstock in Thomaston, GA, has emerged as a pioneering force in the conveyor car wash industry. With a commitment to innovative car care technology and unparalleled customer service, Tidal Wave boasts over 250 locations spread across 27 states. In a strategic move to fuel their expansion.

Tidal Wave partnered with Golden Gate Capital in 2020, propelling their growth trajectory. Recognized as one of the top 5 conveyor car washes in the nation, Tidal Wave has consistently secured a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies since 2020.

The Background

In 2018, Superior Recreational Products (Superior Shade) was approached by Tidal Wave Auto Spa, who was seeking a solution to provide shade for their employees who worked outdoors cleaning the cars before the cars entered the wash.

Tidal Wave’s exterior design lacked a covered prep area, leaving employees exposed to the sun. They sought a shade solution for multiple locations that could maximize coverage while minimizing obtrusive posts.

The Challenges

  • Lack of covered prep area: Tidal Wave’s car wash design did not include a covered prep area, exposing employees to the hot sun.
  • Space constraints: The available space for installation was limited, requiring a shade solution that could be as close to the back of the curb as possible.
  • Minimal interference: Tidal Wave emphasized the need for minimal interfering posts to prevent accidents and damage to vehicles.

The Superior Solution

  • Careful Assessment: Superior Shade conducted a thorough evaluation of the requirements and constraints presented by Tidal Wave.
  • Proposal of Suspended Cantilever: Based on the assessment, Superior Shade proposed a 20' x 20' Suspended Cantilever. This style was chosen for its ability to provide extensive coverage while minimizing post space.
  • Tailored Dimensions: The 20' dimensions of the shade structure were customized to fit the 15' wide driveway at Tidal Wave locations. The 20' size also took into consideration the necessary footing size behind the curb.
  • Customization for Brand Alignment: To align with Tidal Wave’s branding, they chose a blue fabric called Aquatic Blue.
  • Leveraging Vendor Relationships: Superior Shade utilized its fabric vendor relationship to source bulk quantities of the fabric, ensuring cost-effectiveness since they would be manufacturing multiple structures for Tidal Wave’s different locations.
  • Engineering for Compliance and Safety: Each shade structure was engineered to meet local build requirements, ensuring compliance and safety standards were met.

The Results

The initial installation at a dozen Tidal Wave locations proved successful, leading to the standardization of the design. Superior Shade has made shade structures at over 250 Tidal Wave Auto Spa locations across the United States using this specified economical design. Employees now enjoy protection from the sun, enhancing their comfort and productivity. Additionally, the aesthetically pleasing shade structures contribute to Tidal Wave’s brand image and customer experience.

"The collaboration between our two companies shows the importance of understanding client needs and providing tailored solutions. The standardized shade design has become a hallmark of Tidal Wave’s facilities, demonstrating the success of the partnership in enhancing employee well-being and customer satisfaction."

— Brent Derbecker, Superior Recreational Products

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Written By: A. McCord