Factory Tour


Take a tour of our manufacturing facility and meet the faces that bring your shade structure to life in the video above. Learn more about our design process here.

Our shade structures are a testament to our extensive design and engineering expertise, as well as our commitment to using only the finest materials and manufacturing techniques. Discover the meticulous process behind the creation of our shade structures, where attention to detail and precision are paramount from start to finish.

In-House Designers & Engineers

The creation of your shade begins with our team of talented in-house designers and engineers. With their exceptional expertise, they can craft a shade solution that seamlessly integrates into your space. Furthermore, they guarantee that your shade not only meets but exceeds all local building code requirements.


After the meticulous design and engineering process, your shade is ready for production. The fabric is carefully cut and skillfully sewn using a combination of double-needle lock stitch and double-needle chain stitch techniques. This ensures that your shade canopy is not only strong but also durable, with every stitch holding it together flawlessly.

Moving on to the frame, the steel undergoes precise cutting and expert welding using trusted techniques and patterns. Once completed, the frame is sent to the powder coat department, where it is primed with a zinc-rich primer, followed by a powder coating. To achieve a perfect finish, the frame is then baked at a scorching temperature of 425°F in our state-of-the-art 100-foot long oven. By the end of this process, your shade's frame boasts a stunning marine-grade finish, with a total of 6-8 mils of combined primer and powder coat protecting it from any elements.

As your shade structure comes to life, we pay meticulous attention to every detail. Our innovative quick-release fabric mechanism, known as the Glide Elbow, is expertly assembled and rigorously tested for effortless installation in the field. The cable that provides tension to your shade is precision cut, ensuring a perfect fit. Before your shade is shipped, it undergoes a final inspection to guarantee its impeccable quality. We take extra care in packaging your shade, layering, and protecting the large steel parts on sturdy shipping pallets, while individually wrapping the smaller components. To ensure its safe arrival, we carefully wrap your entire order in protective shipping plastic, shielding it from any debris during transit. After completing the design, engineering, and manufacturing process, your shade typically spends about 4 to 5 weeks with us before embarking on its journey to find its permanent place in your space.